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Document #Document DescriptionDate
Opinion of the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit 06/30/2016
1124Page Proof Brief for Plaintiffs-Appellees10/15/2014
1123Joint Page Proof Brief of Defendants-Appellees10/15/2014
6349Memorandum and Order Containing Permanent Injunction10/03/2014
Order Regarding Third-Party Claim Filing Disclaimer Language02/25/2014
6199Class Settlement Order and Final Judgment01/14/2014
6198Final Judgment Awarding Expenses01/14/2014
6197Final Judgment Awarding Attorneys’ Fees01/14/2014
6193Order Regarding Third-Party Claim Filing Companies01/13/2014
6169Order Granting Attorneys’ Fees01/10/2014
6147Additional Order Regarding Third-Party Claims Filing Services12/30/2013
6137Order Regarding Misleading Third-Party Claims Filing Services12/20/2013
6124Memorandum and Order Approving the Settlement12/13/2013
5965Report from Court Appointed Expert Professor Alan O. Sykes08/28/2013
5941Class Plaintiffs’ Brief in Opposition to Target Objectors’ Motion to Exclude Dr. Frankel 08/16/2013
5940Reply Memorandum in Support of Class Plaintiffs’ Joint Motion for Award of Attorneys’ Fees, Expenses and Class Plaintiffs’ Awards 08/16/2013
5940-1Supplemental Declaration of Thomas J. Undlin 08/16/2013
5940-2Declaration of Nicole F. J. Hamann on Activities of the Class Administrator 08/16/2013
5940-3Declaration of Vincent Archer 08/16/2013
5940-4Declaration of Peter Baker 08/16/2013
5940-5Declaration of Mitch Goldstone 08/16/2013
5940-6Declaration of Abraham Harari 08/16/2013
5940-7Declaration of Malcolm McDonald 08/16/2013
5940-8Declaration of Deborah Opper 08/16/2013
5940-9(Joint) Declaration of Miguel R. Rivera, Esq. and Jay Andrews, Esq. 08/16/2013